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18th Annual Monterey Days Festival ~ Sept 6, 2015

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Each year this festival gets a little bigger and better! Of course this is our hometown and we are a bit biased. However it is always a pleasure to play for friends and family.

NJSP 1970 Class Reunion ~ Aug 29, 2015

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The 1970 NJSP Class Reunion was a success! There we so many great people with wonderful memories of school and classmates.

NightShift is honored that we were able to play for your event. Thanks Marshall Fields!


First United Methodist Church - Hanna, IN ~ Aug 29, 2015

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NightShift would like to thank the United Methodist Church in Hanna for inviting us to your block party! See you next year at the Hanna Festival.

Jasper County Fall Festival ~ Aug 22, 2015

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I love Rensselaer’s fair grounds and the people/vendors are so pleasant. Not like some of those festivals, where people are rude and pushing through the vendors. This has that down home feel with good eats and fun things to do. The craft booths were full of goodies, even some that would make your request there on the spot – what temptations were waiting for you there!! Oh, I even saw motorized coolers! How cool is that. We were well received and even had a young man in a red shirt that was becoming our biggest fan. So fun to see people enjoy the music and sing along. Not too many dancers, but the ones that were… really didn’t walk so well. However, their diapers padded them when they sat down.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to Vickie Bozell for asking us to entertain you. We had a blast and we hope you did also.


Blue Chip Casino ~ August 20, 2015

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This year is the 40th anniversary of the Blue Chip Casino. Can you believe it? Where has time gone to? Oh, that’s right I would have been 9 again .


The month of August was a focus on 70’s music, so we worked to add a few more in our set list for the crowd to enjoy.


If you haven’t been to the Rocks Lounge lately, it has been changed to allow more dancing. Tables and chairs surround the dance floor. This has changed the atmosphere a bit and we have many more dancers.


We enjoyed our time at the Blue Chip and look forward to our return on October 8th. See you then!


Yellowstone Trail Festival ~ August 15, 2015

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It was so fun to be back at the Yellowstone Trail Festival. We found many demonstrations, vendors, eats as well as rides and entertainment. If you know nothing about the festival, take a peek at this:

Thank you Juanita Ketcham for all your hard work and inviting us back this year.


We look forward to next year with the Annual Hamlet Rendezvous in conjunction with the Yellowstone Trail Festival.


HannaFest ~ Aug 8, 2015

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Lots of events and activities make this Festival from a town of 500 or so, a BIG event! The HannaFest is an annual town festival that brings the surrounding communities to join them in the celebration of the history, heritage, and culture of the Hanna, Indiana. Thank you Hanna Lions Club and Jim Jessup for having us back again this year!

View the pictures in the photo gallery of events, people and of course NightShift.


Music on the Square ~ Aug 7, 2015

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We had the privilege to play downtown Akron, Indiana in the square “park”. Very impressive park / event area set in a charming little town with lots of neighborly people. We received a very warm welcome and enjoyed a nice group of listeners and a few dancers. This is a great thing that the Arts League is doing and I hope they are able to continue this. Please support them in any way possible as these types of events are fading away and it’s always great to go to free concerts. We thank you Karen and the Arts League, for inviting NightShift to share the evening with you, in the square.

Fulton Fun Days ~ July 31, 2015

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What a lovely night at the Fulton Fun Days festival.  We saw a really nice puppet show, a eucher tournament, corn hole tournament and a few other activities while we were there.  Of course we hope you were one of those who pulled up a chair and stayed a while.  We sure enjoyed playing and singing for you.  Thanks again, for having us back this year!  Hope to see you next year.

Blue Chip Casino ~ July 23, 2015

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What an electrifying night! Everyone was very receptive of us, our performance and selection of songs. We had people actually out in the casino asking for where we were playing next. So the sound traveled well outside the Rocks Café onto the casino floor. It was satisfying to see that everyone enjoyed the music and even wanted us to continue… but you know we need some beauty sleep...

It was so nice to be back at the Blue Chip. Look for us again in August 2015.


Culver Lake Fest ~ July 18, 2015

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We feel terrible for the festival, the workers and those who were either there or going to be. Due to the mass amount of fain and lightening, everyone was told to leave. Lake Fest has always been a fun place to play and we are very disappointed that the weather (once again this year) interfered. We thank the festival committee for selecting us to play and hope that next year the weather will cooperate. 


Starke County 4-H Fair ~ July 16, 2015

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It was a pleasure to return to the Starke County 4-H Fair in Hamlet, IN. We want to acknowledge and thank the Starke County Fair Board for inviting us back again. We had a great time and enjoyed the dancers too. We’re very glad that the rain held off until all the activities were finished.

Marshall County 4-H Fair ~ July 12, 2015

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Thanks to the Marshall County Fair board for having NightShift back again this year. The stage is one of the best of the surrounding fairgrounds and the facility was also outstanding. We are thrilled each year to bring entertainment to the 4-H fair in Argos, IN. Thanks again!

Pulaski County 4-H Fair ~ July 8, 2015

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Threats of rain and floods shadowed the fair this year... but the show went on.  Thanks to the Pulaski County Fair Board for having us again this year.  It is always a pleasure to play for this fair and in the wonderful park of Winamac.

Cancellation - Rising Sun Campground

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Due to inclement weather, our performance at Rising Sun Campground has been cancelled for now. Hope to reschedule when weather permits.

Rising Sun Campground

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Friday July 3, 2015 - we will be at the Rising Sun Campground in Ora, IN

This is for campers only - so check out the campground and spend the holiday weekend with us.

Nice backwoods area to get away from the crazy rush.  Camp, cookout, fish and hear a great band too!

Monterey Daze New Year's Eve Ball

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This was our first annual Monterey Daze New Year’s Eve Ball. Held in the American Legion Hall in Monterey on (you guessed it) New Year’s Eve. This event was a fund raiser for the Monterey Days Festival held each year on Labor Day weekend. Due to capacity, tickets were required with no sales at the door. Sold out for the first ball says a lot for the community gathering together to not only support the town festival, but to spend a fun time with neighbors and friends. Thanks to the Zehner’s for the food!! I’m telling you, they went overboard on providing plenty of good food and snacks. We rocked the house and the dance floor was full all night!! I never knew we had so many talented dancers. Looking forward to next year as we will bring in 2016!

This is a very short and not so clear video.  I have no excuses, the pictures and this video should have been so much better. See more NightShift videos on the video website tab.

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DeMarco Returns

Posted by Webmaster on December 22, 2014 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Fans have long anticipated the return of Denny DeMarco!! He returns to the stage as full time drummer with the local family friendly band “NightShift”.  We are glad to have him.  He still has what it takes :)

Rochester Eagles ~ Oct 11, 2014

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Thanks again for a great place to play and people who continue to enjoy and appreciate a band.

Westville Pumpkin Festival ~ Oct 4, 2014

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NightShift sends a warm thank you to Jenny McBride, to thaw the memories of this year’s festival. We can not predict or control the weather, but I sure wish we could have for the Westville Pumpkin Festival this year. Despite the cold and rainy weather we sill took pleasure in performing for those who braved the weather. We expect better weather next year 8)


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